In 2010, Minneapolis based Pennington Capital Management, LLC was founded by Robert J. Evans.  Pennington Capital prides itself on providing investors exposure to a diverse portfolio of small and mid-cap equities. The firm invests in growth oriented companies undergoing changes that could be a catalyst for growth.  The firm also looks for negative catalysts of change that present short opportunities.  The fund’s objective is to produce consistent, double-digit annual returns while focusing on asset preservation and minimizing downside risk.

Pennington Capital typically maintains 30%-50% net long exposure, with gross exposure between 80%-130%. Pennington Capital’s portfolio is typically constructed of 40-50 long positions and 15-25 short positions. When considering an initial investment, we analyze the downside risks prior looking at upside potential, as focusing on capital preservation and minimizing downside risk is our top priority.

Pennington Capital’s competitive advantage is its proprietary network. This includes management teams, research analysts, industry contacts, salespeople, board members, and other portfolio managers. The network provides the firm with endless one-on-one meetings, conference calls and avenues through which we can stay on top of current portfolio companies, as well as get exposure to new ideas.

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